Quinn's Backpack

Quinn, a 10th grader, along with his twin brother tried our local public high school for the first month of the school year last year and decided that he too prefers learning at home. 

The Essentials: These are the basics that make up the core of Quinn's curriculum:

Math: Saxon Algebra I
English: This year we are returning to some tried and true methods for our homeschool--we will be doing grammar, root based vocabulary, and memory time together. For grammar I will use several sources, including Rod and Staff's handbook and Michael Clay Thompson's grammar. Group vocabulary study is also done with several sources, the primary one being English from the Roots Up. Each student also works through their grade's Wordly Wise. For memory work, we will be pulling quotes from our reading, as outlined in this post.
History: Tapestry of Grace Year 2: Between Ancient and Modern--We decided to bite the financial bullet this year and finally try Tapestry of Grace. They use the standard classical progression of a four year history cycle repeated three times (although they actually have pre-school curriculum included in the guides as well, which is nice for the littles who want to do what the big kids are doing). I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out this year.
Philosophy: Tapestry of Grace Year 2: Between Ancient and Modern (1 semester of credit)
Drama: Young Minds on Fire's script write and production of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express (1 semester of credit)
Literature: Tapestry of Grace Year 2: Between Ancient and Modern
Geography: Tapestry of Grace Year 2
Science: Conceptual Physics--both boys will work at home and then meet up with other homeschoolers for lab sessions taught by another homeschool mom.
Korean: Living Language Complete and Elementary Korean
Life Skills: 3D Art (online through Keystone School--2 semesters of credit)
P.E.: fencing and tennis (1 semester of credit)

Outside of our home: Quinn is also taking one other class:

Seminary: New Testament (through our church)

Friday Co-op: On Fridays, we attend a large homeschool co-op. Each student takes four classes. Quinn's classes for fall semester are: Finance, Basic Economics, Rhetoric, and Chess


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