A Shared Journey

On this page I will list the titles of the books that we read aloud, grouped within their historical time-frame. Even once my kids are capable of reading for themselves, read alouds remain a mainstay in our school. They provide us with a common ground for discussion and projects and enable the kids to offer more constructive suggestions on each other's work. Other books that we use for other subjects, such as science and art, and think will be useful to other homeschoolers will also be listed here. As books are reviewed in blog posts, a link will be created to them--just click on the title to leap to the review post.

The Family Read-Alouds:

Ancient Egypt:

The Cat of Bubastes by G. A. Henty

Curriculum Books We Recommend:

Ancient Sumeria:
Click HERE to link to the blog post reviewing all of these books on ancient Sumeria.

The Sumerians by Naida Kirkpatrick
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Sumerian Slave by Jacqueline Morley (Illustrated by David Antram)
Gilgamesh the King by Ludmila Zeman
The Revenge of Ishtar by Ludmila Zeman
The Last Quest of Gilgamesh by Ludmila Zeman

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